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نمایشگاه یه پول خروس گالری ثالث

A Rooster Money

The group exhibition of “A Rooster Money” is being held at Saless Gallery with presence of 16 artists. This exhibition is consisting of some volume works and paintings that deals with the concept of one of the most fundamental tools of trade. Money is a money-making hegemony that has its own from daily exchanges to domineer tools. Money is not a piece of paper or metal, but an invisible value which has weltered all the human aspects to itself.

Using this general concept, the artists of this exhibition have tried to represent such important issue in a society like Iran. Each work can be discussed and analyzed individually, under one general statement. In a work, the artist deals with the connection between politics and money, in another represents with a pop-art look, and in some works create meaning by changing the appearance of common paper money.

“A Rooster Money”, as its meaning implies, can be considered as an elegy for the monetary value of a country that is one of the most unstable and least valuable currencies in the world. Although this collection is seeking to remove the mask from the concept of money, but still aims to establish its financial mechanism for buying and selling the works as goods.

Coming across a printed coin for the price of 700,000 tomans or a work of Hojat Shakiba for the price of 300 million tomans in this exhibition, this paradoxical thought is evident that anything we think about, even if it is against that, is for the sake of money.

However, from another point of view, it leads the mind of audience to a point where it is “art” that increases the value of everything, including money, in a way that a priceless painted coin can be sold hundreds of times more than its own value.