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A Garden Beyond

A Garden Beyond is Katayoun Rouhi’s second solo exhibition in Iran. Rouhi has finished her PHD studies in aesthetics from University of Pantheon-Sorbonne and has held numerous exhibitions abroad.

A Garden Beyond is the personal narration of the artist from her dialogues with the inner world and its connection with the outside world. By shaping the text as a tree which its fruits seem to be pieces of Iranian painting, Rouhi has created the oldest artistic link – literature and painting.

Her inner narration on black or white canvas is the image of abandoned trees which like Iranian literature and painting wants to have a mysterious function by creating a garden in the space of gallery. But the way the text is written from the bottom to the up and the difficulty of reading it has left the text as the form, losing its other functions.

Looking at the works for a moment the audience might have this impression that maybe the artist’s will had been only creating some works similar to calligram, but this idea quickly disappears after contemplating and digging through the eyes. Because she has only used the words instead of the image to express her thoughts and her works cannot be considered as calligram. In fact her words do not mean anything and are not poetry, rather stating her inner feelings to cross the world and step into another world.