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A Duo Exhibition

Since the 19th of November, Mohsen Gallery (-1 underground) is hosting a two-person exhibition in which nature (plants and animals) is the raw material and subject of both artists. Both of them have done their job with exemplary patience and obsession; one with a specific technique, and the other one free from the shackles of technique.
Ghayouri’s monotypes called “The Remains” are in a situation where even looking at them can disrupt their order and cause disorder. Her pieces are reminiscent of moments when even breathing breaks the silence of the space and it is no longer possible to return. Her obsession is to get her work to the point where nothing else can be added to it, and she knows exactly when to stop working. The complex and intertwined lines of her works call us to look again and deeper.
For Nahid Behboudian, the obsession in her series “Nanjinganthus Dendrostyla” is to conquer nature and immortalize that beauty in the utmost delicacy. The lines of her work can be followed from the beginning to the end and nothing extra can be found. Her work includes a range of different techniques, and the details have given her work a seductive effect. It can be said that she has been very successful in repeating such seduction in all her works.