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A Documentary of the Documentary

 The research project of Soroosh Milanizadehtitled as A Documentary of the Documentary “From Overture to Final” is being held already at Dena Gallery. He is known under various titles such as curator, filmmaker and photographer, but here we are involved with a research project about a documentary; something that might be of his interest as a filmmaker. 

In the gallery space we come across some documents that Arash Raissian and Hana Kamkar have made their documentary based on them; newspapers, web pages, memorable photographs and even the shopping list of meals are mounted on the walls.

Milanizadeh guides us directly behind the scenes of a documentary that has also won some prizes and this helps the generation who are willing to make documentaries.

A point not to be forgotten is that presenting these documentations needed a bigger space (although supporting such project from the gallery is certainly priceless) and this overlap of information makes it difficult for the audience to analyze.

Presenting the project with a book or at least a catalog (even digital format) with index and some information could help the audience to gain a deeper insight.