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نمایشگاه ۹۹ گالری هنر طهران


The “99” photography exhibition has been held at Tehran Art Gallery, on the occasion of the opening of this gallery, presenting a collection of works by more than 90 contemporary photographers, curated by Fereidoun Farboud. In this exhibition, just one work of each artist is hanged on wall, with a specific dimension, same size, and similar frames with same color. The black and whites have been separated from the colored ones and due to the lack of unity of subject and idea, it has been tried to consider some sort of visual order for the installation.

As the curator has cited in the statement, he has searched for a look and story that each photo follows, but perhaps not caring about a mutual idea or a deeper thought behind this number of works has turned the exhibition into an archive of photographers who are generally famous in the field of art and news. (Having Majeed Saeidi as the gallery manager has undoubtedly affected on selection of these names.)

Another point is the presence of artists who are more prominent due to acting in cinema than photography, and having their works next to the works of artists such as Golestan, Tirafkan, Attar and some others have caused an amalgam of names, so that it can maybe bring more viewers to the gallery for its opening.