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Assar Art Gallery is hosting the works of Heval Tazhandareh titled “Interaction”. Seeing the works, it is possible to know what he was trying to convey with this title: the interaction of one with himself and with the other, the interaction of anything that is happening within his frame, and anything that might get into it in the future. It seems that everything is twisting and this disease is contagious. It is as if the artist has found the human’s head as the center and reason for all these conflicts, and it is possible from his works to know how involved he is with this story. Seems like this war, any war it is, is an internal one whose center of formation is inside the heads and to get rid of it, we must get rid of our heads. It is as if the works show us the solution along with the problem.
It can be thought that the only way to get rid of our fights is to get rid of our heads, but could we have anything if we had no heads?