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70’s Paintings and Drawings

Mohammad Fassounaki is a well-known artist from Tabriz who started his work before the revolution. He held his first exhibition in Tabriz and then displayed them in Qandriz Hall. Greatest characteristic point in Fassounaki paintings is the centrality of human in his works and that he has been mostly influenced by the expressionism. Color is important in his works. Human figures are often featured prominently, though they are deformed and sometimes frightening. He knows them as the images of the people in the streets resulted from artist’s direct recognition in society. 

In this collection at Hoor gallery there are some drawings in small size that might have been his very first inspirations turned to larger works later. In his larger works, the compositions are more complex, paints are boldly put on canvas and their weight speak of the age and ability of a prominent artist whom we can now understand the maturity of his thought and practical experience in art.

The remarkable thing in works of Fassounaki is that though these works belong to 70’s, but still are new, vibrant and extensible to the society today as if they never get old.