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Line, End of Line

Following the invitation of the Kish Free Zone Organization and Mica Gallery, the event of “Drawing Week” titled “Line, End of Line” was held at Kish Island. This event was held in three parts of exhibition, meeting, and workshop.
For the workshops, artists will experience drawing and its relation to the island’s environmental elements and will explore ways to link drawing with the environment. The event was shaped under the supervision of Farhad Gavzan, the drawing artist and founder of the “Drawing House”.

The origin of the drawing goes back to the first image created by a homo-picture. The image of animals in caves is an example of drawing, not in the classic sense, but what we name contemporary drawing. According to an old definition given by Giorgio Vasari during the Renaissance, form means the boundary of an object from other objects. In this sense, form is the same sideline or drawing.
Contemporary drawing puts such an idea aside and goes back to the same legacy of the homo-pictor; a legacy in which not only the lines are involved, but also volumes and dimensions are part of the drawing. Although in the history of art, we are faced with efforts for the independence of drawing, the dominant tendency has considered drawing as a pre-text.
In contemporary drawing, image is the goal, not creating a platform for a specific medium. In this approach, we are confronted with drawing as a goal and not a means, so it revises the definition of drawing and is a reaction to its independence.
In the classic narrative of art history, drawing is the primary form or initial form of the image, while drawing has the capability of the final form of the work. However, the contemporary encounter with drawing makes it a contemporary medium that creates the final form of the work. The contemporary drawing with its classic perception has a “family resemblance”.

The homo-pictor comes out of the cave with drawing, cause he finds a way out of the cave by drawing.