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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review


 Amirhosssein Shahnazi’s multimedia exhibition titled as 45216 was held at Azad Art Gallery; A collection in which the words are the artist’s elements. Choosing such title for this show, audience might make any personal meaning with his own mental assumption (perhaps even nonsense) and this is where it seems that the artist has fired his first shot right.

As stated in the statement, Shahnazi has not merely focused on semantic change of the words, rather has tried to play the game without changing the initial form of the words by putting them on each other layer by layer. The twist that has created the word “Soul” or where the word “All” lies deep inside its template will give you a new sense of meaning from the previous words, because the volume and the depth make different meanings. It might not be bad if we also represent the words in a new format.

We must also refer to the right structure and simple game of the words “Them” and “People” in two works on the wall. Their mixture might be a presentation of a simplified form of the members of community in the context of gallery.