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44 Days

“44 Days” is a selection of photographs by David Burnett narrating the days between December 26th to February 7th in 1979, when he was here in Iran during the most golden days of revolution. These photos narrate the story of a third person who is neither from the people and nor the previous or next rulers.

He has divided the exhibition into three chapters: The first chapter from December 26th till January 16th and the last days of Shah in Iran, the second chapter from January 17th till 31st after the fall and the third one from January 31st till February 7th and the new system.

This categorization has given the audience a proper flow in the gallery space. From Imam Khomeini’s famous portrait to moments of conflict, from electing Hoveida to the moment of Shah’s departure, these have all documented a page from Iran’s history.  However, this number of images require a proper text for their proper usage which it has been done by the gallery through a digital catalogue.

A question that arises here is whether the gallery space is appropriate for presenting such kind of work? Wouldn’t it be better if these images were presented in form of a book and an appropriate text? Perhaps a museum could be a better space for the interaction between the artist and audience.

Finally it shall be said that seeing these works in these days and current situation is totally worth as part of our contemporary history.

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