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Mehdi Moghimnejad

On Today’s Art in Iran

Without being a “mirror” for the unwellness of society or a “window” for finding a solution for this unwellness, Iran’s art is “malady” today. Not that we naively expect it to cure our culture’s sickness through all these years, but to be at least along with our status and give it an aesthetic structure and thoughtful opportunity. Iran’s art today is a “doubled malady”.

The content of art in Iran is suffering from “extreme thematicization” and “form defects”. Instead of coming out of the real issues, this art constantly intends to go to the subjects or “invent” them. The result of such unproductive competitive market of “idea-searching” indicates a lack of awareness of the historical necessities and irrational and passive behavior with concepts, to the extent that thematic side of this art always gets placed in a “loaned” state.

Also, Iran’s art is suffering today from the lack of form even more than not much long ago. The epidemy of repetitive expression patterns is a complication that locates art in a “disable” position. Even when it has something to express, finds no expressive and proper language. If we consider form as the realization of an art work, then the lack of form can be named “mis-imagination” and I believe that what was said, can be found today in Iranian literature, cinema and music today, though the exact purpose of the text was photography and visual arts.

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