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Zarvan Rouhbakhshan

We know that Iran’s art has many difficulties today; from education, production, presentation and displaying to critique and analysis and the relation of these all with power and economy’s structure. Lack of efficient education, the desire to show off and the fame and in some cases, the high cost of production and presentation of art, leave many ideas unsuccessful and useless. Of course, many of these issues are linked to some institutions that do not exist or their being is ineffective; especially in a country that its ministry of education designs an online platform named “Shad” for one of its biggest cities (Sistan & Balouchestan) that more than seventy percent of the children there suffer from food poverty.
We live in a world that everything there is considered political, but to what extent has today’s art been able to find something thoughtful on such occasion? Also, as many important points have been already made by other friends, I believe we need a little empathy and acceptance of plurality, and add the lack of criticism to them all.
Criticism, not the threat, insult or accusation, specifically in a situation that art was supposed to be a path to freedom, is getting more and more limited every day. I have made lots of mistakes myself, but if we accept the right critiques and agree that any of us might make mistakes sometimes, then we may learn and take the next step correctly.

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