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نمایشگاه زنان هنرمند نصرالله کسرائیان گالری پروژه‌های آران


Nasrollah Kasraian can be known as an artist with interdisciplinary knowledge; an artist who combined anthropology and photography, so that in addition to aesthetic values of his collections, they would also be a good reference for ethnological research.

He started photography in 1966 and has had a continuous and tireless activity in this field till today. He has published more than twenty books from various parts of Iran, which confirms his many years of activity in this field.

For Kasraian, photography is not just a medium that captures a moment, but a way to live. In order to penetrate the heart of the location of his collections, he would have traveled many times to that place. Kasraian’s concern as a photographer who has graduated from university with a law degree and spent some years in prison, is not just capturing a beautiful image of Iran, but to have a purposeful expression of the situation in which he lives.

His latest exhibition, which is currently on display at Aaraan Projects Gallery, is about women. In his statement, he “dedicates this exhibition to those who suffer from gender apartheid and make any effort to eradicate it.”

“Photography is not people’s concern, but ours” he declares somewhere. “They live their life. We shall approach them with respect and calmness. They shall not be treated from higher position.” This little but important point is the reason why the audience does not feel unfamiliar while facing his photographs, he accepts them and keeps watching his other works and books.

This mutual relationship that Kasraian creates with his audience, is more visible in this exhibition; he and his camera connect the audience’s look with the eyes of women and girls who stand in front of us and break the frame to enter the audience’s mind. This relationship gets so unbreakable sometimes that the mind of audience might ignore the artist’s presence unconsciously and stare at the photos without any intermediary.