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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

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Vahik Hartoonian

The general question on hows and whys of contemporary art has been asked and has put it in front of the past. The past in art for me starts from teaching period as a student and continues on. The defective educational system has not changed much till now and any teacher has denied all the lessons of the other teacher just based on their personal taste and teaches on the basis of new education; whether they have rejected or confirmed it.
In the meantime, both the master and the student seem to have come to an interaction that spend some time together, and the growth of students wandering in search of an unknown goal is its result.
Such tasteful view can be seen in all the pillars of contemporary art in Iran: gallerist, collector, critic and other artistic institutions that must have a positive and active presence beside the artist, have an inappropriate presence due to applying their taste without any defined and specific behavioral framework from the moment of creating art to its presentation and sale.
It is as if we are all connected in chains and have put all our efforts into individual struggles, finding the only way of salvation in our solitude, without being able to enjoy the collective pleasure of art.

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