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نمایشگاه مسخ گالری باوان

The Metamorphosis

Language and words have been used, so that Masoumeh Mohtadi can tell the audience what she intends to. In fact, she has presented one idea in 5 different collections, creating various spaces. It is as if she has used different languages to show her concern about the lack of words’ and language’s power to the audience.

As she has indicated in her statement, the specific meaning and content of the writer transforms in the mind of the audience and so he would never find any audience who can understand the work like himself. Mohtadi chooses the word “Metamorphosis” as one of the most important concerns of modern man and the favorite subject of writers in this era, and then redefines it in her own language. Playing with the light, form, carpet pattern, origami conventional language and… and this transformation goes on until we face a three-dimensional replica of that on the second floor of the exhibition, which has gone far from its starting point.

What can be understood with an initial tour of the exhibition, is that the artist has spent a lot of time on the idea and the implementation of her work and the result also shows the maturity of the work well.

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