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The 7th Small Sized Works

The size of art works, whether it is small or big, is not superior to each other as long as it is in line with the content, and each one has its own function like different mediums. Works in small scale encourage the viewer to focus more on what they see. Reducing the size, gives a more intimate aspect to the work and causes an inner dialogue with the audience.
Aria Gallery with “Small Sized Works” exhibitions aims to display a collection of the works with small dimensions that their artistic value is not determined by their sizes.
In these shows, ordinary people come to see a large number of paintings that differ in the content, medium and the type of artists. They buy works based on their personal interest to beautify a wall of their home with a small painting by an artist and to become a real audience of visual arts.
This year, Aria Gallery has organized the “7th Small Sized Works” exhibition in collaboration with Zeeban Home, so that those who may not consider the gallery spaces as their own, or think that watching, enjoying and buying art works belong to a certain group of people in society can see the works this time in a new space, where they go to usually or while looking for furniture for their home or work space. Installing these works beside other items of the house shows that an art work can be placed in the living room of our house, above the console, dining table, or next to the TV and other places.
While visiting the exhibition we shall ask ourselves whether the large size of the artwork can make it look more artistic.