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Reza Hedayat

Art is the display of an original idea. It avoids repetition and never gets engaged in events and positions. It grows and flourishes everywhere in the world, with every climate you think of. You do not need to go far to see art or to be seen; it is very close to us and is not dependent on education and does not become consistent with hammer work. More than anything, art depends on inside, individual perception, honesty and sincere behavior. It has to be proud and artist is its only caregiver.
Thanks to mass media and multiplicity of educational centers, visual art is growing more in Iran today. Unfortunately, other art mediums have been less popular and have not been noticed enough. For instance, Iranians are famous in poetry, but the younger generation is unfamiliar with literature today. In many other art mediums, the situation is the same, though there is no enough time to discuss them. My hope is that the educational system would be in a way that art can get considered and learned in roots and not leave the ancient treasures behind, and be aware that any art that comes from the heart, will surely soothe the heart, and there is no need to make yourself tired or harm yourself in order to become global.
It is always new and global to talk of love and humanity. It would be enough just to understand our world.

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