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نمایشکاه تطهیر هنرمند رقیه نجدی گالری اُ


Illustrating some separate and superimposed layers, as well as their mixture which includes a black and white background similar to photo negatives and a colored foreground with motifs of flowers and people, form the general structure of Roghayeh Najdi’s works; an effort that leads the audience’s mind to revelations about memory, transformation and the current real life.

In her “Purification” series, the artist refers to a generation which she also belongs to it and have become familiar with blood and war at the beginning of their life and have grown up in such atmosphere. The series begins with the portrait of a woman who seems to have become pregnant during the inflammation of the bombs and the roar of the sirens. A woman who has given her child to the next generation and then joins the background and memories.

The background narrates the moments that have happened a lot during the war on the battlefields. Violence, war and warriors who are saying goodbye, highlight the inner contradiction of this generation by combining and stacking flowers that have no message but welcoming and good news.

Although the painter commits repetition by expanding her ideas on canvas and somehow limits the mind of her audience, but illustrates and awakens the tedious days of war in the audience’s mind.

Th co-existence of farewell and transforming in flowers, create a vague atmosphere in which the audience can start revealing his memories between a seemingly calm moment of the present and a chaotic past.

Among her works, the artist presents some works with intricate and complex lines, but similar to other paintings; works that have no color of time yet, as if memories are intertwined in some points and remove the border between the present and the past.