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نمایشگاه فتو‌ژنیک نمایشگاه گروهی گالری‌ سو


Before entering the current exhibition of Soo Gallery, titled as “Photogenic”, the first impression in mind would be the meaning and equivalent of this word in Farsi; what common feature has caused this exhibition?

The works are displayed in three floors with various approaches and medias. On the first floor you see the works of artist with more than a decade activity, On the second one there are artists whose work has been seen in recent years, and on the third floor, there are two video arts from two young artists.

Following the similarity of the works and artists’ presence, it can be understood that the use of technology is the first obvious aspect of this exhibition. In general, the impact and possibilities of technological progress are well seen in the production process of the works. While the thematic strategy of this exhibition is to use the medium of photography as a mediator to turn it into a work of art, it does not support a single idea. In Pouya Razi’s work, we can see a translation of time by photography and turning it into a painting, and in work of Homa Delvaray, we see the implementation of her imaginary world using software and printing on cardboard.

The work of Mohammad Ghazali with photographs that have been printed on expired photographic papers is also interesting, thought they have been already presented in Asar Gallery before. The change of technology and using digital camera by the consumer community, caused less use of the traditional method of photo printing, and this made it possible for him to implement his idea.

Although there is no new challenge in this exhibition, but it provides this opportunity to see the works of three generation of young artists whose use and impact of photography in the process of their work is clear. Here we are not entering an exhibition that different medias are maladroitly used for the display of works. It seems that accompanying the audience with this kind of look, and then raising the expectations of the quality of ideas and implementation is what we need in this period of time. This exhibition has been relatively successful in fulfilling this need and most of the works are of good quality.