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نمايشگاه ميرا گالرى این/جا


Searching through the past and portraying it in Mina Mohammadi Seresht’s recent collection is taken from artist’s personal memories and her family albums that has shaped the subject of her exhibition titled as “Mortal”. Her works in In/Ja Gallery include some paintings that have been worked from photographs. The combination of photographs and her imagination have been displayed with two different approaches. The two colors of black and white are more found in the works that deal with the issue of personal identity and the works that color has an important role in them as the sensory spice, mostly tend to illustration.

Photographs have a return and a second look to the world. Though when we look at them, they have no similarity to the present moment. In this collection, artist has tried to recreate some past moments and reviving some moments she has lived. According to Faulkner, the past never disappears, but is unfortunately always present and is a constant preoccupation of the mind. Perhaps it can be said that this series of work is about regret; Regretting the good times, the places, the people.

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