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مریم ایرانپناه

Maryam Iranpanah

“Mehr” is one of the oldest rituals in the world that speaks of friendship, love and honesty. Later, Mehr’s Cross as the symbol of love, sun and lion turned to the symbol of racism by human!

Once, Mehr and honesty were the rituals of the man on this Earth, but today we live in a world where show-off and deception are considered as values and Iranian artist is not an exception to this. World is passing the year 2020 in 1399. Almost all people are still dissatisfied with the current situation, though everyone is continuing to play in this loop.

Every plant needs its specific climate to grow.

the Iranian artist…

what to play at home to satisfy the art buyers and what to do to make the owner applaud, if he has no home himself. 

Mehr, love, truth and honesty will one day come to life again on this land; a day when Mehr replaces jealousy, greed and deception and man cherishes honor, love and honesty.

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