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Landscapes Against Amnesia

Climbing up the stairs and walking on the gallery’s second floor, there is a single frame that invites the audience to see the rest of the works. Playing with the role of the element of soil, and going deeper into the ideological concept of the subject itself, Forugh Taj has hidden references to the word “homeland”; a word that has changed along with the ruling ideology in every era in history. The important presence of the soil’s element in the images narrates and reminds us that our present is inseparably linked with our past. Perhaps, by capturing photographic images, we can predict and judge a past that has never even been part of our life experience. Although images may not be considered as valid documents by themselves, archiving them makes this become possible.

Generally, dealing with the value and position of the soil, earth, and nature, the artist tries to depict lasting things; immortal elements of nature that have stories and narratives in themselves, maybe a piece of soil. The photographs in this series have been captured with the artist’s precision and her accurate use of light and color, and in the most spiritual possible state. They create a historical reminder and deja vu for the audience against oblivion and raise this question in the mind “what does a piece of soil have in itself that had become a victim of so much unkindness and oblivion?”