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نمایشگاه در جریان گالری زیرزمین دستان

In Motion

In a brief, but not quite certain view of the last-one-year exhibitions of Dastan’s Basement Gallery, what is obvious is the approach of this collection in exhibiting works with new visual encounters and showing different visual experiences. Yasaman Nozari’s recent exhibition is included in a larger view below this view of the gallery, though it can be reviewed in the continuation of her previous works’ process.

Acceleration is the first feedback received from her exhibition entitled “In Motion”.

Yasaman Nozari does not follow any critical approach in her works, but according to the statement she just looks for a kind of visual study. Her art includes items that can be considered as a translation of color, composition and themes of classic works. Just as a translator takes the literature from a language to another language with equivalent words, Yasaman Nozari also finds equivalents of classic and contemporary works of landscape for the inherently abstract way of her work. Of course, some traces of the expressive energies of German paintings also can be found in her works.

But what is remarkable is the point of awareness on technical level and how to use it, so that the audience does not see them in the level of experience and visual games while facing the works. At this level of structure, Yasaman Nozari could have turned her brushes to the advantage of her technical weaknesses to cover the gap created.

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