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نمایشگاه جهت حفظ آرامش گالری کارخانه آرگو

For the Sake of Calmness

The lights go out in the middle of the hallway and after some moments, a video begins with an image of some semi-finished residential buildings and a monologue by Newsha Tavakolian. This is while there is a mirror of the same size as the screen in front of it and the viewer has to stand between them and back to his own picture to see the images. 

Tavakolian’s video frames are either fixed or keep their visual boundary between photo and video by a slight movement like flowing of sweat on the forehead. The cold atmosphere of the work has preserved the signature of Tavakolian’s previous collections.

In her video, she tries to tell a story that has been involved with for years and has brought her pain, isolation, loneliness and anger every time. Tavakolian talks about the experience of her body and hundreds of other women who suffer from PMS that is waiting every month like a monster, ready to attack their soul.

The monologue and the video images are full of codes that are sometimes easy to understand and sometimes so personal that do not get opened easily. Although the artist’s effort for conveying a sense of boredom is obvious, but the quality, the scene and the lighting have created an attractive collection. At the end, the video ends in red and we can get out of that dark hallway.

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