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Farhad Gavzan

The steam of death revolves in the cold brain of the world these days, light and fluid. It wraps itself around the trees of human forest like a thin morning mist. A poetic atmosphere is created from the hill of the deaths that you can easily leave your body there and feel like you are dying.
We painters live with our dreams. Dreams dedicate us a ground to hang our imagination in its vastness and fly its dead soul on earth and in the skies. This is how art can be as scary as death; but we are trained to express a poetic effect of the death of our beliefs, and contemporary art contributes a lot to such lie.
I burrow my snout into the dirty corpse of my contemporary activities during last years and spin in my body. I smell the inner war, sexual perversion and cellular sedition. I insert human codes into the small wound in my back and terrifying images from the contemporary art’s world pours out from me inside the Marcel Duchamp’s fountain and I see my own efforts in Iran’s contemporary drawing in the attack of all these images.
1. Efforts to use the word “drawing” equivalent to “design” as its Farsi translation in a series of sessions at Aria Gallery in 2006, entitled as “Drawing as an Independent Work”. By searching this word, we could expand our communication ways and also our understanding of the contemporary drawing’s world. 2. Next years and after the world “drawing” became known to everyone, we suggested “pure design” as a more precise equivalent, as “design” has various usages in Persian culture and language and it is not professional to use it for drawing independently or drawing as a work of art. Otherwise, our precious time was getting a lot wasted on whether the table layout could also be an artistic design or not. 3. Releasing the potential of independent design from the domination of applied design, sketches or etudes for other disciplines. 4. Accepting drawing as a medium and discovering its new and contemporary functions.
5. Expanding drawing as an active medium in Iran’s art scene and linking it to other mediums and interdisciplinary movements.
And finally, we went up to establishing a drawing museum.

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