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نمایشگاه بی‌حسی گالری پلتفرم سه

Emotional Numbness

Emotional Numbness is about war, the most important concern of human today. As it is cited in the statement of the exhibition, the participated artists, directly or through the memories of their families talk about the experiences and effects of war on human mind and ecosystem. The works done by artists from different parts of the world have been displayed in two places online and in person, by the efforts of two curators.

The works have been created with different artistic materials such as photograph, painting, video, etc. to express this common concern; from a trench-like installation of brick-wall and its combination with sound and music to some hanged mirrors and portraits of officers and soldiers decorated on something like a chandelier. In general, the two-dimensional works have less visual power in comparison with the installations and volumes.

Some of the works in this exhibition, apart from the act of fighting, deal with the effects and challenges derived from the war, such as migration, homelessness and loss which presenting them in such semi-finished building, engages the audience.