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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

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Babak Kazemi

In these days of quarantine, we can clearly understand the status of Iranian art with a brief look at our libraries.
I see Iran’s contemporary art as a teenager who is not mature yet and has recently become familiar with his limbs and the hair on his face and body who dreams of growing up by drawing with a razor; though he often injures himself. We shall not expect an infertile teenager to be an adult and fertile and if he is sometimes looked at, is from the friends of this teenager and those who love him, not because of his maturity and completeness.
Our art has never been more than a hubby and break time, though jokingly or seriously it has been considered alongside other courses in schools and universities. The main deficiency of education, in my opinion, is teaching to see art, being a good audience, its need in life and its reflection in society. Artists of this age, are often involved in answering questions not even asked yet, and unfortunately, sanction and repression are some self-defeating gestures for a specific class; like the ignorant who beats himself in the middle of a fight, for the fear of being defeated, in order to be seen, and they often find a tribune, playing the role of a victim.

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