NeveshtArt takes a look at the Iranian Contemporary Art; some notes on what happens today in art scene.

It reviews the exhibitions held at galleries every week with a brief, straightforward look and follows the art events with short notes that fit into the virtual space and its audience’s patience.

With brief critiques, surveys, analysis and other possible tools beside representing contemporary art, it creates a historical memory. Being published in both Farsi and English, it also provides a platform for anyone in the global web to be able to read about art in Iran.

NeveshtArt started first by bringing together a group of writers, artists and art graduates, while it has no boundary for its editorial board and accepts anyone with concise look, familiar with the writing framework.

It is a place to analyze everything about Iranian visual art; an excuse to look again and talk about the unseen and the unheard, in a geography as vast as Iran.

Owner: Zeeban

Manager and Editor in Chief: Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh

Art Consultant: Hamid Beheshti Namvar


Authors: Mohsen Abbasi, Negin Firouzi, Mohsen Mahmoudizadeh, Hadi Khorasani, Babak Javadzadeh, Samaneh Jafari, Neda Jabarzadeh


Translator and Editor: Ceemin Golshan


Support and Finance: Morteza Didehban


Design and Visual Identity: Studio Melli

Graphic: Studio Dezno

Motion: Masoud Zeraatkar
Social Media Coordinator: Amin Beheshti Namvar


The title of NeveshtArt has been suggested by Ceemin Golshan